We expect that our players and parents will exhibit dignity at all times, and that our team will develop the reputation for sportsmanship and fair play.

Athletic excellence

We believe that every player has the potential to reach his/her athletic potential, and we foster that development through skills training and competition.

Respect and Fairness

We promote fairness and respect in way our players interact with their fellow team members and with members of opposing teams and in the way they conduct themselves both on and off the field.


We believe that belonging to a community – whether it is a community of fellow team members, a cultural community, or a community in which we live – gives us a sense of connection that adds to our overall wellbeing. We also believe that we hold a responsibility to do what we can to support our community whenever possible.


Developing self-discipline can make the difference between a mediocrity and excellence. When our players apply self-discipline in practice, in competition, and in their interactions with their team mates and coaches, we are winners in the very best sense of the word.


Through the game of soccer, our players find that they have leadership skills that have never been tapped. We give them the opportunity to become the leaders they are meant to be.

Educational advancement

We stress educational development as a fundamental expectation that we have for our team players. They are expected to apply the same discipline that they practice on the field to their studies at school.