Eristars Spring Planner

Dear Club Member,

Winter is almost over! In fact, we have 3 more Saturdays before we start our Spring season. So, please make all preparations you need including completing your registrations. 
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During this season, we have 3 new things we would like to announce:

1. Weekday practice will be both on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
           A. Tuesdays - for all players U6 to U14 and Girls Teams.
           B. Thursdays - for all players on U15 and U18 Teams.

2. Our high school girls team (Team Dahlak) will be playing at SAC (Soccer Association of Columbia) in Spring. As in the previous season, most games are on Sundays. 
Click here to familiarize yourself with SAC. 

3. Due to increasing number of participants at EriStars, we have more players at all levels than ever before. As a result, this season we will have 4 teams playing at 
Ann Arundel Youth Soccer Association (AAYSA). In this coming season, we will have 2 teams in U18, 1 team in U15 and 1 team in U13. 

Here is our schedule for the coming few weeks:

Date Activity Time Address
 3/7/20 Practice 12-4PM Fairland Park: 3928 Greencastle Rd, 20866
 3/14/20 Practice 12-4PM Fairland Park
3/21/20 Potluck 12- Old Gunpowder Rd
3/24/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
3/26/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
3/28/20 Game TBD AAYSA League (All other teams = OFF)
3/31/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/2/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/4/20 Game Week 1 PGSI
Game Week 2 AAYSA
4/7/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/9/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/11/20 Game Week 2 PGSI
Game Week 3 AAYSA
4/14/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/16/20 Practice 6-8PM Fairland Park
4/18/20 Game Week 3 PGSI
Game Week 4 AAYSA
4/19/20 Game Week 1 SAC (Team Dahlak)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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