Team Names

Teams are divided by age group, although team arrangement may be affected by specific rules of the league in which we participate. We have separate boys and girls teams for age groups with enough participants. If we don’t have sufficient members to form boys and girls teams within an age group, we will combine the boys and girls into a coed team. Here is the current list of teams:

Team NameGroup
Eristars – SoiraU-6 (coed)
EriStars – ZulaU-8 (coed)
Eristars – SelamU-10 (boys)
Eristars – BuyaU-10 (girls)
Eristars – AwelU-12 (boys)
Eristars – DahlakU-12 (girls)
Eristars – BeilulU-13 (coed)
Eristars – AdulisU-15 (boys)
Eristars – EriUnitedU-18 (boys)